Sources of funding for startups

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MoMo is back at KINU

Join us on Monday, 3rd March 2014 for Mobile Monday Dar event. This month we are going to look at possible sources of funding for Tanzanian start-ups. The discussion will focus on challenges start-ups faces on accessing funds and possible sources of funding which might work in Tanzania.

Speakers will include:

1. Victor Augustine: Entrepreneur, Founder of Victronix.
2. Felix Mlaki: From Dar Stock Exchange (Enterprise Growth Market).
3. Taha Jiwaji: Entrepreneur, Founder of BongoLive
4. Mihayo Wilmore: Entrepreneur, Founding Partner UhuruOne
5. Baraka Mtunga: Entrepreneur, Founding Partner UhuruOne
6. Kristiina Lahde: Chief Technical Advisor at TANZICT

As always the aim of MoMoDar is bringing the mobile (ICT) community together, drinks and snacks will be available to encourage the networking. We hope to see you all kick off the event where you will connect with colleagues, new contacts and industry experts.

The event will be held at the KINU space starting from 18:00 to 20:00.

Registration is required as seats are limited, so reserve yours quickly:

The status of mobile and online payment in Tanzania

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Hi All

MoMo is back!

Join us on Monday, 20th Jan 2014 for Mobile Monday Dar event. This month we are going to look at the Status of Mobile and Online Payment in Tanzania. We are expecting to have speakers from SBS/B-PESA, VODACOM, CRDB, Airtel, and JAMAATECH.

The discussion will involve stakeholders from different sectors involved in the digital transaction systems in Tanzania; Banking systems, Mobile operators, decision makers and individuals in the Tanzania mobile business ecosystem.

The event will be held at the COSTECH space starting from 18:00 to 20:00. If you have a product related to the events theme and want to showcase let us know.


ICT and Tourism

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Join us on Monday, 6th May 2013 for Mobile Monday Dar event. This month we are going to discuss about the uses of ICT in Tanzanian Tourism sector. Speaker will include:-

  • Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) representative
  • Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism (MNRT) representative
  • Dickson Ng’ang’a - From Zalego (Mobile Apps for Tourism – Demo)
  • Paul Shilla – Swahili Stores (Online platform to sell art products – Demo)
  • Goodluck Akyoo – Singira (Online store for selling art products – Demo)
  • – One stop destination for travelers interested with Tanzania

The event will be held at COSTECH Inovation space starting from 18:00 to 20:00

Registration is required as seats are limited, so reserve yours quickly here

Recap of ICT and Education event

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On 8th April we had our monthly session for MoMoDar this time we decided to arrange an event focusing on ICT and Education. We had two speakers (Joel S. Mtebe and Lisa Walker) and two demonstrations from Loyola High School students(Crisantus & Isack).

The first speaker to take the stage was Joel S. Mtebe, Assistant Lecture at University of Dar es salaam who started by sharing with the audience what eLearning is all about and he give us some statistics regarding the usage of various eLearning system in East Africa & Tanzania. For example by January 2013 the total number of active Moodle users at UDSM was just 700. At Makerere university there was only 60 Moodle active users by the end of 2012. Joel also talked about Open Educational Resources, according to Joel OER is more that the content since it include the tools for creating those content as well as information’s on how to implement them.

The second speaker was Lisa Walker from Learning InSync. Lisa talked about their initiative called Learning InSync (LIS) which is to be implemented in Tanzania. According to Lisa, LIS mission is to create and implement educational programs in Tanzania in order to bridge the gap between homes and classrooms, local and international languages, and national and global needs. Lisa told the audience that right now, more than ever before, youths in Tanzania have knowledge in ICT and are really enthusiastic about it.  What she doubt is if tech in Tanzania is serving them well the students. Lisa go to say countries like US, Sweden or other developed countries, more emphasis is put on youth education and how technology can be used to make learning more comprehensive.

Lastly, we had two demonstrations from Loyola High School students (Crisantus & Isack) who demo their two products Math Tutor & Tanzania Information Gateway.Math Tutor is a software that develop interest to students to read & practice Mathematics. Its a learning source of Mathematics that acts as teacher since it also provide home work & answers questions from the students. The audiences were very impressed with the work done by these students regardless the truth that they are only high school students. Among the advice given was developing a Swahili version of the software for primary students. Audience also advices they should think about developing the mobile version of Math Tutor as well as deploying the web version of the software.

Our next Mobile Monday Dar es salaam event will take place on Monday May 6th at COSTECH this time we will be focusing on ICT and Tourism.

ICT in Education

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Join us on Monday, 8th April 2013 for Mobile Monday Dar event. This month we are going to discuss about the uses of ICT in education sector. Speaker will include:-

Emanuel Feruzi: Lecture at IFM & EASTC
Faith Shimba: E-Learning specialist at COSTECH
Joel S. Mtebe: Assistant Lecturer, Computer Science Dep, UDSM and PhD Candidate at University of Tampere (UTA), Finland
Loyola Students: Projects demonstration

The event will be held at KINU space starting from 18:00 to 20:00

Registration is required as seats are limited, so reserve yours quickly here

Recap of ICT and Entertainment event

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On Monday 11th March 2013 we had our monthly Mobile Monday Dar es salaam event which take place at KINU. The events speakers included Rashid Shamte (Head of Group Strategy – 6Telecoms / Push Mobile), Ilunga Khalifa / Cpwaa(IT Administrator / Project Management & Bongoflava artist ) and Hussein Mkwazi (Final year student at IFM / Part-time programmer).

Rashid Shamte started our MoMoDar session by sharing his memory of his best friend Kaye Billy Branks (MoMoDar founder) who passed away on 19th February 2013. Rashid lead the audience for a minute moment of silence for our beloved brother. Then Rashid went on to talk about the impact of ICT on Tanzanian entertainment industry. He started by telling us the story behind 6Telecoms and Push Mobile how they started, what kind of services are they offering and their future plans. Rashid also point out that the future of the entertainment industry relies in streaming and delivering content on mobile devices.

The second speaker to take the stage was Ilunga Khalifa a.k.a CPwaa who started by sharing his story as a techie guy and award winning artist. CPwaa told the audience how he utilize ICT technology in term of building his fan base as well as a channel of marketing. He also gives his view regarding the national migration from analogue to digital transmission, he stated that the migration gives a lot of challenges to the artist since the Tanzanian are now exposed to a lot of international videos. The migration has also the negative impact in terms of reducing the number of people who will be able to view their videos.

Our last speaker was Hussein Mkwizu who demonstrated to the audience their Bao game they developed at their college. The audience showed appreciation for these initiatives among the young aspired developers and they gave them very good comments and advice regarding their applications. The advices includes the ability of implementing network based players which will allow two persons to play the game on different computers located anywhere in the world, they were also advices to develop a mobile version of the game as well as thinking about monetizing their application.

Bongo5 also write the story about the event which can be found here here. Our next Mobile Monday Dar es salaam event will take place on Monday April 8th at KINU this time we will be focusing on ICT and Education.

Impact of ICT on Entertainment Industry

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MoMo is back at KINU!

Join us on Monday, 11th March 2013 for Mobile Monday Dar. This month we are going to look at the impact of ICT on the Tanzanian entertainment industry. The discussion will focus on the intersection between technology and gaming, music and social media, in the Tanzanian context.

Speakers include:

1. Ilunga Khalifa/CPwaa: IT Adminstrator & Project Management and Bongoflava artist.
2. Rashid Shamte: Head of Group Strategy Six Telecoms.
3. Luca Neghesti: Entrepreneur, Founder of Bongo5 and Co-founder of KINU
4. Charles Matodane: Head of Value Added Services (VAS) & Internet at Vodacom
5. Hussein Mkwazi:  Final year student at IFM / part-time programer(Developed  Bao game)

The event will be held at the KINU space starting from 18:00 to 20:00.

Registration is required as seat are limited, so reserve yours quickly:

Mobile Web East Africa 2013

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Mobile Web East Africa 2013, the third East African edition of the most progressive and interactive mobile focused events in Sub-Saharan Africa, returns to the Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi, Kenya on February 19th to 21st.

The event will feature the very best local and international speakers from organisations including Safaricom, iHub Research, iROKO Partners, Buni TV, East African Breweries, FrontlineSMS, BlackBerry and Airtel. Together, they’re going to be the stimulus behind the discussions and interactions that will advance the sector.

Full details on the packed agenda, fantastic speaker faculty, unrivalled past attendee feedback, unique interactive roundtable format and stunning venue can be found at

A limited number of half price tickets are available for start-ups & developers and Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam members can claim a 15% discount on event attendance. Capacity at the venue is limited to 140 so early registration is strongly recommended. Please contact the Mobile Monday Dar es salaam team for discount codes

ICT and Agriculture

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Hi All,

What role can ICT play in enhancement of agriculture sector in Tanzania, are there any major initiative which societies have take to utilize ICT in order to improve agriculture sector. What should be done so that we can explore more on the field of ICT and agriculture?

Mobile Monday Dar-es-Salaam in Conjunction with 2Seeds Network& COSTECH presents the opportunity in discussing and debating on how ICT can improve agriculture in Tanzania. The event will take part on 12th February, 2013 at Sea Cliff (Bahari Vista conference room).

The panel will include the following speakers:-

Erick Mutta
The Apps4Africa 2011 winner for climate challenge, Eric has several years experience in building mobile application aimed for rural development.

Benedict Tesha
Founder and Director of Product development at Jamaa Technologies, Benedict is an experience software developer with the passion on helping the community through the use of ICT.

Ernest Mwalusanya
Vodacom AppStar Mobile Application 2012 national level winner. He will be demonstrating his awarding winning application the “Farming Instructor”.

Hezron Makundi
Assistant Lecturer, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at University of Dar es Salaam. Hezron has been doing research related to ICT and poverty reduction in rural areas.

John Kagaruki
Chief Operation Officer at Nuru Infocomm, John is an experienced social entrepreneur. He has experience in developing mobile application for social development.

Please note that the event starts at 1800Hrs so please keep time.
Registration is required as seat are limited, so reserve yours quickly:

Best Regards,
MoMoDar / 2Seeds Network

Open Source Repositories Workshop at KINU!

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Next Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam will be a special event geared towards developers. Last weekend the Sanitation Hackathon main event took place at the Innovation Space at COSTECH and one of the tasks of the final hack submissions was to upload them to Github open source repository, so the solutions will be available for others hackers as well, and they can continue and improve on the ideas. Use of the code repository was a new experience for many of the participants, so Mark Iliffe, one of the hackathon organizers, volunteered to organize a special training workshop together with MoMoDar and KINU before he leaves back for the UK.

The event will be held next Monday, 10th December 2012, starting 6.30pm sharp at the KINU Innovation Hub. You can share the event info and say you’re coming via the Facebook event – due to the short notice no official registration is necessary.

Here’s the full event information:
Hackathons and open source projects have been accelerated by open source repositories like Github. The social element of these sites facilitates cooperation between developers locally and worldwide. Understanding how programming works is one element, this talk is about the principles and practices of how source code is stored and developed within an enterprise. All welcome from the beginner to the expert, an overview of code repositories will first be presented then a live demonstration of uploading to the Github repository and its relevance to software engineering.

The training will be led by Mark Iliffe. Mark Iliffe is currently a Geospatial Consultant for the Global ICT group of the World Bank. In his ‘spare’ time he is also a PhD candidate at the Nottingham Geospatial Institute, University of Nottingham and lead on the Taarifa project; an open source platform for the improvement of public service delivery, transparency and government processes. His interests and background range from geospatial analysis to programming in the public and business sectors.