Recap of eGovernance event

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Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam (or MoMoDar between friends) met again on November 5th after few months break. Maybe it was the change of location, a very timely theme, or just a welcomed gathering of the MoMo crowd, but we saw a great number of enthusiastic people across sectors; students, entrepreneurs, journalists, and people from the government and industry.

First Dr Jabiri Bakari, CEO of Dr Jabiri Bakari from e-Government Agency introducing government's initiatives and planse-Government Agency (eGA), shared the approach Tanzanian government has taken in implementing e-governance; setting up a dedicated institution to manage the whole process. He mentioned for instance that some Mr David Sawe from IBM introducting the Seven Steps to Success in project managementof the challenges of earlier e-governance  initiatives have been vendor or donor-driven approaches, without a central coordinating body ensuring the quality and adherence to standards. Second speaker was Mr David Sawe, IBM Tanzania’s Country General Manager. He shared IBM’s ‘Seven Steps to Success’ project management framework, which they have also used in conjunction with the e-governance projects.

Godfrey Magila from MagilaTech introducing Tanzania e-Voting systemLast two presenters were young developers demonstrating their systems and apps for e-governance. First Godfrey Magila from MagilaTech introduced Tanzania e-Voting system he has developed together with his team, and then Julius Theodory and his team mates from Loyola High School shared the story of their constitutional review application. It was great to see how both Godfrey and Julius had prepared nice videos to present their apps! Godfrey is Julius Theodory from Loyola high school sharing story of their winning constitutional review online appcurrently working on version 2.0 of the e-Voting system and doing pilot testing but it was a bit sad to hear that despite strong efforts of the Loyola team and significant recognition their app received,  it has not been taken into the official constitutional review process. Though this experience may share some of the frustrations young developers face in Tanzania to get their apps adopted in the official processes, Julius and Loyola team were happy and proud about developing their system, and it has already brought them a lot of references as science students in secondary school. Great work!

It seems that MoMoDar has got some momentum again, which is wonderful to see! Maybe MoMoDar could go on a tournee, being hosted in different places, different companies, different places relevant to mobile and ICT industry, to really open up what is happening in Tanzania and help different players get to know each other and network – which is one of the most important functions of MoMo.

Networking (and posing)

Click here to see more photos of the event

Summary of last MoMoDar event: ICT Security Awareness

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On 11th June 2012 we did our routinely Mobile Monday session, the event was hosted by COSTECH and took place at the COSTECH innovation space. This time we were exploring the topic of ICT Security in Tanzania.


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We had three great presentations from our speakers, Ms. Edith Turuka from Ministry of Communication Science and Technology was the first speaker to take the stage and she start by sharing with us a general overview concerning what really Information Security is all about.

Edith went on and introduced to the audience the reconnaissance techniques and countermeasures which should be taken in order to secure our selves against those Security Attacks. She also give a touch on the issue of Corporate IT Security Policies, she explained to the audience what are the good IT Policies which Tanzanian Corporates should embrace.

Our second speaker was Ms. Zaituni Mmari an Information Security Officer from IBM/Airtel. Zaituni start by sharing with us about the current project between IBM and the Government of Tanzania related to Information Security. Her discussion was mainly based on the implementation of ICT Security to the Government of Tanzania.

She pointed out why its so important for our Government to invest more on Information Security. Zaituni also pointed out how the ISO27001/ISO17799 standard could help the Government of Tanzania to design its Information Security Management Systems and how to maintain them.

Our last speaker was Mr. Maina Noah from WiA, he start by giving the audience a short brief history of Internet and the rise of ICT security challenges. Then he took more of his time explaining what CERT is all about and the need for establishing on Tanzania national CERT as well as local CERTs.

ICT Security Awareness

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For the past few years we have witnessed how ICT has transformed our lives. The computers, the mobile phones, the internet, mobile payments etc, all these have shown a considerable impact on the lives of the Tanzanians. Despite of their great positive impacts on the lives of the people, it is important for us to remember the negative sides what all these technologies comes with.

Cyber-crime has increasingly become a serious problem throughout the world. Being the users of these new technologies our personal lives, business & the government have been in great danger. The best way to achieve a significant and lasting improvement in ICT security is not by throwing more technical solution; rather it’s by raising awareness and education.

By realizing this Mobile Monday Dar es salaam in Conjunction with COSTECH presents the opportunity in discussing various issues regarding ICT security in Tanzanian perspective. We will be having a wide variety of audience from senior government officials, Mobile Network operators, financial sector, educational institution, ICT specialists etc.

The panel will include the following speakers:

Noah Maina
-Chief Network Architect (WiA)
-He will briefly talk about Cyber Security and then build up with introduction to CERT and its importance.

Zaituni Mmari
-IT Security Specialist (IBM/Airtel)
- She will talk about the introduction of ICT Security into the government of Tanzania.

Edith Turuka
-Telecoms Eng (Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology)
-She will talk about reconnaissance, countermeasures, LAN security & Organization IT Security Policies

The event will be held on 11th June 2012 at the COSTECH innovation space.
Please note that the event starts at 1800Hrs so please keep time.

Registration is required as seat are limited, so reserve yours quickly:

Best Regards,
The MoMo Dar organizing team

Great dialogue on mHealth – recap of MoMoDar April 2nd!

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Last week Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam brought together 40 people interested in mHealth. We had three great presentations: Mr Marcos Mzeru from Ministry of Health and Social Welfare started with an overview of mHealth in Tanzania, followed by Peter Lubambi from D-Tree International sharing their experiences from reducing maternal mortality in Zanzibar with an mHealth approach, and finally Freddie Manento from Push Mobile Media Ltd brought the business perspective into developing mHealth apps. We were requested to share the presentations and all presenters agreed to share them online, so here you have are all the presentations and slides.

After the presentations there was active discussion and even a bit of colourful debate on what the audience exactly understood with the term mHealth and also what are the barriers of entry for mHealth applications to become more widespread. There have been and currently running many projects, but few are run on commercial basis. Freddie gave a great tutorial on what to think about when you want to build a successful commercial app. Just go through his presentation to see for yourself - It can be done! 

Many of mHealth applications are providing connectivity, guidance and information on health issues. This was the case for D-Tree’s mHealth application, which is reducing maternal mortality on Zanzibar. They created the app for traditional birth attendants (TBAs), not the mothers directly themselves. This was because the TBAs have respect in the communities and they are traditionally giving pregnant mothers advice and support. They can identify risky deliveries and arrange transport to hospitals for safer deliveries with the app. So far about 400 deliveries have been supported with the app and feedback from TBAs has been encouraging. Especially with this example, it was interesting to note that though most of the discussed health apps were targeted at women, there were quite few women in the audience.

Click on the image to see more photos of the event by TANZICT

What was great news to the mobile app developers, is that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is strongly involved in mHealth Tanzania Partnership – a public private partnership program where they hope to connect with mHealth application developers early on in the process so the Ministry’s interoperability and scalability requirements for nation-wide use would be considered in the development. In turn they can finance the development and buy the applications that are developed together. Mr Mzeru went as far to say that they will be happy to meet with any developer even with just an idea to see if it could be implemented under the partnership. They have also set up a community of mHealth practitioners to share knowledge and experiences, and they are communicating via an open Google Group called mHealth Tanzania that anyone can join.

It was a sweet event, but where should we go from here? What should be the theme for the next MoMoDar?

PS. In case you’re wondering that the television crew was doing in the event, they were filming the MoMo and interviewing some presenters and participants for a TBC program called ‘Tanzania Beyond 50 Years’. Maybe you’ll see yourself soon on television?! ;)

Great opportunity to learn mobile app development by DBTi & Nokia

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We just heard of really good news for everyone who wants to learn mobile app development! Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) is organizing a 6-week full-time course on mobile app development in cooperation with Nokia. The course is starting on April 2nd and is offered free of charge! You need to be familiar with software development but no prior mobile app development experience is needed.

Download the information letter for more details and apply online on the DTBi website! Deadline for applications is March 26th. Women are especially encouraged to apply!

Download information letter

MoMoDar Special: Girls’ Night Out on Social Media

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Last week the Pivot East workshop replaced the normal first-Monday-of-the-month Mobile Monday session. As it would have been a shame to waste a perfectly good Monday evening, the ladies decided to hijack the time, and organised the first ever women-only MoMoDar session on Social Media.

The first Very Scientific Finding of the evening was the fact, that despite Dar es Salaam traffic, women arrived earlier than men usually do. Very soon after the announced starting time the place was buzzing!

Catherinerose discovers that everyone likes chocolate

Catherinerose Barretto from Pamoja Initiatives was the energetic MC of the evening, and started us off with a little exercise to help us to get to know each other. Every table was told to find things they all had in common. And we had lots! Everyone was on Facebook, and everyone liked chocolate… and some other things as well but we are not telling.

Pernille and Dunia Duara

The first speaker was Pernille aka Dunia Duara. She shared her own experiences and also a lot of practical tips on how she makes the most of social media. She promised that we can post her slides (download in pdf), if we remind people that it was meant to be seen with a verbal presentation. She also promised anyone with a question about it can contact her. You’ll find the contacts from her blog, for example.

Elsie, the writer of the Mikocheni report spoke about her motives for blogging, and how she balances a personal blog with writing a column for East African. We also heard that finding out your mother reads your blog can influence the amount of four-letter words you use in your blog.

Biche aka Chick About Town

Last speaker was Chick About Town, also known as Biche. Did you know she studied electrical engineering? She shared her strategy of blogging as a business. I know I was a little envious as she described some of the things she has been able to do because of her career choices.

We ended the session with a lively discussion of whether we will have more ICT-themed Girls’ Night Out -evenings (Yes!) and on what topics. Follow this blog and you shall see.

The participants and organisers would like to thank the one-man male waiter service:

Here are all the photos from the evening:

Right before Mobile Monday, TechnoSunday!

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You are cordially invited to TECHNOSUNDAY, a free outreach program aimed at equipping people with often-neglected skills useful for efficient, effective and friendly utilization of various technologies such as computers, the internet and mobile devices.

Topic areas shall include basic computer hardware, software & user-friendly tips; MS Office; internet (browsing, email, social media); mobile (devices, applications). Please participate in the pre-assessment test to know if the event is right for you:

If you wish to participate, please register here in Eventbrite.

Event Details:
Date: Sunday February 4th, 2012
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: Commission for Science and Technology (Sayansi)
NB: Bring your laptop and phone(s)

TechnoSunday Project Leader
Gonzaga Rugambwa

Download and share invitation (in pdf)

Girls’ Night Out on Mobile Monday Dar!

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Download flyer and Share

Mobile Monday happens every first Monday of the Month, but this March we are having a different kind of Mobile Monday since the last Mobile Monday was held in conjunction with Pivot Competition from Nairobi on 27th February, 2012.

The next Mobile Monday will be for Girls only with the Theme “Social Media and What it can do for You”.

Girls nite out event will be on Monday, 5th March, 2012 from 6:00PM-8:00PM to discuss on how Social media can assist in business, daily activities and personal.

We know Girls are also excited about technology, they tweet a lot, post status on Facebook, visit blog sites and blog a lot too. In that fact, we want all girls interested in social media in one room to socialize, inspire and network among themselves and find their inner interest in technology especially in social media as women love communicating.

There will be a presentation from female bloggers in Tanzania and a great network of women representing the government, business, private sectors (telecoms,banks,NGO etc), Entrepreneurs and Students.

Come join us for a night of learning and networking. Learn about Facebook, Twitter and Blogging and how it can help you. Some of Dar’s famous bloggers will be there Pernille- Dunia Duara, Biche- Chick about Town and Elsie- Mikocheni Report & Change Tanzania!

Free Entrance!!!
Register through Eventbrite: Girls’ Night Out


Don’t Dare to miss and tell your friend. And don’t forget to register.

Recap of Pivot East Workshop

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Yesterday we had the Pivot East workshop at the innovation space. It was organized together with Annie Njenga and Njeri Thande from m:lab Nairobi, Mobile Monday Dar and COSTECH. Aim of the workshop was to create awareness in the Pivot East mobile developer competition in the Tanzanian developer community, and also help build skills and connections needed to successfully take part in the competition. About 50-60 people took part in the workshop and the relaxed schedule between 10am-4pm allowed a lot of interactions and learning to take place.

The workshop was kicked off by Dr Raphael Mmasi of COSTECH, encouraging young Tanzanians to work together in ICT and take part competitions and community events like the Mobile Monday to keep updated on the developments. After Dr Mmasi, it was our turn to introduce what MoMoDar has been doing recently and get people warmed up on the topic of mobile innovation in Tanzania (revisit our presentation)!

We watched the following video to get the warm-up discussion going:

Next up Njeri Thande introduced m:lab Nairobi and the Pivot East competition, which culminates in a pitching competition for investors on June 5-6th in Nairobi (download Njeri’s slides). The initial deadline for the competition submissions is March 31st, so there’s still a good month to prepare. They will announce the finalists in five categories on April 17th. The final competition will be a 6-minute pitch to the panel, so Annie Njenga followed Njeri’s introduction by talking about good pitching techniques (download Annie’s slides). Thanks Njeri and Annie, awesome to see women working in the mobile developer scene!

Focusing just on the competition is one thing, but it’s also important to understand at least the rudimentaries of business strategy and intellectual property rights behind your ideas and innovations, so closing off the presentations, first Dr George Shemdoe from COSTECH gave a comprehensive presentation on intellectual property rights (IPR) and business registrations in the Tanzanian context (download slides, presentation will be also available in YouTube), and then Mrs Kristiina Lähde from TANZICT gave a short presentation on the basics of business planning and strategy from a start-up perspective (download slides, presentation also available in YouTube later).

After lunch it was time to continue on the discussion of mobile innovation in Tanzania and brainstorm for ideas that workshop participants and community members could take forward for the Pivot East competition. Different tables competed on the number of ideas for mobile apps for a g|Tanzania T-shirt ;) and altogether came up with A LOT of ideas:

  • Integrating web and mobile apps to facilitate the online business using different mobile money systems
  • Smartphone guard
  • Events app for ICT events
  • Government portal app for registering licenses thru mobile
  • College timetable app
  • Hair & makeup app
  • Mentorship app
  • Food diet app
  • Shopping app registering all shops with different products and sending sms and info on availability
  • Farm app on how to start a farm, info on fertilizers
  • Mobile app for police
  • An app for daily price change on selected products
  • Mobile app for cocktail recipe
  • Mobile app to look for the best hangout place
  • Caller id app with colour signals
  • Teaching aid app that works on tablets
  • Sms games
  • Bulk info sms
  • Sms advertising app
  • Service & business lookup app via sms
  • A mobile app directly linking between consumer and producer without middlemen
  • App providing availability of power at locations via sms
  • A book about farming that can be accessed via USSD
  • Sms auction app
  • Mobile online purchase app
  • Send curriculum vitae via mobile
  • Ability to make orders via mobile
  • Ability to learn different issues through mobile in agricultural issues
  • App enabling students to access learning materials from their college/uni.
  • Send sudden accidents to a certain website via mobile for journalism/TV-broadcasting purpose
  • Open up bank accounts via mobile
  • Tourism app; updates on events, destinations etc.
  • M-fixed account (mobile current fixed account), user can deposit money on a fixed mobile account
  • Changing airtime into m-money deposit
  • Video-calling app

Among the brainstorming Nisile Kaswaga briefly introduced the new Computing and Informatics Association (CIA), an organization of young ICT professionals willing to share information related to ICT in Tanzania. Gongaza Rugambwa also told about TechnoSundays, a voluntary outreach program in efficient use of ICT.

So how about the next steps? If you’re interested in working on an idea for the Pivot East and you’d like to have some support or other team members to make your submission stronger, TANZICT promised to set up a follow-up meeting so let them know about your interest by filling the little form at the end their respective post.

Check out all the photos from the workshop from the Flickr gallery:


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MoMoDar in collaboration with Pivot East (refer to: ) is delighted to bring on the PIVOT EAST WORKSHOP event this February 27th, 10am-4pm at COSTECH.

The objectives of the workshop will be:

1. Create awareness and encourage participation in Pivot East mobile app developer competition. (see related blog:

2. Assist the developer and innovation community with acquisition of business development skills that include formulation of business plans,sourcing of capital and identification of markets.

Draft program for the workshop is now available.

Register now to confirm your seat