Recap on MoMoDar Feb 6th 2012: Mobiles for Rural Development

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Greetings All.

Last Monday we had another MoMo event at COSTECH innovation space, and the theme was “Mobile for Rural Development”. We had three presenters: one from mobile network provider Mr Mukund Chopra (Innovation manager from Tigo), another one was Mr Peter Ulanga from UCSAF and Mr Eric Mutta (Apps4Africa winner).

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The first presentation was from Mr Peter Ulanga, he talked on development of communications infrastructures in rural and underserved areas. Among of his agenda were Rural areas, Applications and services, Beyond Mobile. Also he talked on the plans and initiatives they have in order to overcome the existing situations in terms of infrastructures in rural areas. After the presentation, participants asked him various questions, and some of them commenting and give out their views concerning to the presentation.

Here is Mr Ulanga’s presentation in YouTube:

Mr Mukund Chopra from Millicom (Tigo) presented some initiatives that has been taken by Tigo in order to increase the number of connected people specifically in rural areas. In order to reach this goal, they have come up with the new product known as Tigo Mimi. This is a SIM-less service whereby people are able to make/receive calls, send/receive sms without possessing mobile phone. They investigated that majority of people in rural areas are unable to possess their own mobile phone due to low income, poverty. People asked him some questions on the issue of security to the users of that new product, and some suggestions and comments.

Mr Chopra’s presentation and slides will be published when we get approval from Tigo.

The last presenter was Mr Eric Mutta. He started by giving out the meaning of being developed and not developed. Also he allowed people to contribute on that definition. He defines development in terms of having information. After seeing the importance of information to the aspect of development, he came up of an idea of having a platform so that people can contribute information they have. This includes asking and answering questions. He termed this as a crowdsourcing. As with other presenters, participants asked him questions and gave out their contributions regarding this idea.

Here is Mr Mutta’s presentation in YouTube:

If you took part in the event, please send us feedback – filling the form will take only one minute.

Next Mobile Monday Dar will be on March 5th, don’t miss it! ;)

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